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At the core of our mission is a commitment to simplifying complex processes, enhancing customer engagement, and revolutionizing how properties and more, are marketed, sold, and managed.

By fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration across our subsidiaries, we ensure that our clients and partners benefit from comprehensive, seamless solutions that set new benchmarks for success.


Through strategic investments in startups and a dedicated focus on PropTech and digital marketing, Marketer is not only anticipating the future of our industries but actively shaping it.

Our ventures range from advanced 3D visualization and real estate platforms to digital marketing automation and beyond, all geared towards empowering our clients with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to thrive in a digital-centric world.

About Marketer

Marketer Group consists of companies at the forefront of innovation, driving the future of digital transformation across the real estate and marketing industries.

With a diverse portfolio of companies, including Marketer Real Estate Technologies, LEVR, Metric and Marketer Equities, the group harnesses cutting-edge technology and deep market insights to deliver unparalleled solutions that cater to the evolving needs of businesses, developers, and consumers alike.

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